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Welcome to my blog!JZ in the kitchen

You’re probably asking yourself “so, who’s JZ? And what does she eat?”

Well I don’t just eat — I cook too! For those of you familiar with my Instagram, you’ve seen lots of my favorite food from around Baltimore and some of my home cooked meals. Here you’ll mostly find my recipes, kitchen secrets, and a few reviews from some of the greatest spots in Baltimore.

I’ve got 27 years of experience eating food and a super sophisticated palate (thanks Mom & Dad). I’ll try just about anything and there isn’t much I don’t like.

My cat, Luna loves to help in the kitchen. Well – she’s not so much help but she’s great company. You’ll see a lot of her on here too. Check her out “helping” me with my Hungry Harvest box.Hungry Harvest

I’ve been cooking and developing recipes for years and finally realized it’s one of the only passions I have. For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on meal prep that doesn’t suck, because let’s be honest – meal prep usually sucks. So be on the lookout for those recipes!

Author: JZ Eats

Eating is my hobby, cooking is my passion. Sharing easy to follow recipes from my kitchen.

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