Kitchen Hacks: Herb Scissors

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Have you ever tried chopping herbs that just won’t chop? They stick together because they’re a little damp or they’re so fragile they just break?

I can’t stand that ish.

I love cooking with herbs, especially in the summer. The key is to keep them fresh — it’s easy to bruise the leaves, potentially reducing the flavor of the herbs. Using tools like herb scissors and stem strippers can help preserve flavor and save time.


So now I only chop herbs with my trusty herb scissors (also known as herb shears). They are a literal lifesaver and every kitchen needs them. I found this pair at Bed Bath and Beyond about a year ago. It also has an herb stripper to help remove leaves from the stem. An herb stripper is especially good for thyme — which can be such a pain to get off the stem.

These herb scissors are extremely easy to clean, they come apart easily and are dishwasher safe.

Looking for your own pair? You can also find herb scissors at William Sonoma, Target or Amazon.

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